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School of Actuary and Applied Studies

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20/7/20184.5 Hours

Actuarial Science

actuaries are risk specialists or professionals who measure, manage, interpret and assess risk by using advanced mathematics, economics, finance, accounting, statistics, analytics among others.

Our UCAP-AC and SOA paper/pencil exam location and accreditation opens our program to the world best and combined with the CAA Certified Actuary Analyst gives an opportunity to all even A/L holders.

15/8/20186 Hours

Financial Markets & Technical Analysis

Organized by International Federation of Technical Analysts which is the largest and only body organizing the technical and financial markets sector in the world and based in the US. Technical analysis is the financial market structured in all its sectors, these concerns stock exchange, Forex, Options, Trading and others. It is reading and analyzing from past market data to predict future trends of the market to create sales and buying of shares, options among others..

10/8/20188 Hours

Chartered Economists

In every economic system, entrepreneurs and managers bring together resources, labor and technology to produce and distribute goods and services. In a free market economy most of the businesses are organized and driven by individuals. These are entrepreneurs who have skills and interest in many diverse industries are the once who take the ultimate decisions about what is produce, how it’s made and what it will cost.

There are three levels to complete with a preliminary level for those without bachelor

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