The MIU approach ensures that we constantly give our students what they need: Top quality training at a Price that makes Sense while exposing them to a worldwide recognition

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Mboa International University (MIU) started in 2011 with the name; International Institute Financial Technical Analysis and Management Studies (IIFTAMS). It was registered as a Common Initiative Group with Registration Number CE/GP/042/12/32 523 and it presently holds accreditation (authorization N0 085/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/CSACD OF 18 APRIL 2013) from Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training (MINEFOP).


The main aim is to provide tuition and guidance for international and local certifications.


MIU is one of the professional business institutions in Cameroon. MIU offers tuitions and guidance for the following international professional certifications:


·         The Society of Actuaries – SOA in US


·         Institute and Faculty of Actuaries – IfoA UK


·         The International Qualification Network – IQN in UK


·         Association of Certified Chartered Economists – ACCE/GAFM in Africa Ghana


·         Global Academy of Finance and Management-GAFM in USA


·         Pearson Education – LCCI/EDI


Core Values


The Core values of MIU are; Excellence, Integrity, Humility, Transparency and Resilience.


The MIU approach ensures that we constantly give our students what they want: Top quality training at a Price that makes Sense.



Our mission statement


First of all we put you and your Career First, We offer: Best value for money; we understand that while our students demand the highest quality of service, this service needs to be delivered at an acceptable cost. This is a challenging requirement for any business which we meet successfully.


Our solution has revolved around the development of a product structure which maintains the highest quality standards, whilst producing highly Cost-effective solutions for our students.


This product structure includes the following elements:


Course Location: our training is carried out at the best possible locations at our centers. MIU uses well appointed classrooms equipped with the best teaching materials to ensure students receive the highest standard in facilities to optimize their learning.


Materials:we use materials from recognized bodies which constantly update these materials; MIU ensures that their technical knowledge is at the cutting edge, thus providing our students with the latest technical developments.


Lecturers and Consultants: MIU is establishing a reputation for recruiting the best and most experienced lecturers in the different teaching industry. This is no accident! We select our trainers extremely carefully. They all undergo a rigorous recruitment and selection process. MIU is committed ensuring that the quality of our lecturers and consultants continues to be second-to-none in the industry.