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Technical Analysis is the systematic method of analyzing financial instruments, including securities, futures and interest rate products, with only market-delivered information such as price, volume, volatility and open interest. The tools of technical analysis are measurements and derivatives of price, for example on-balance volume, price oscillators, momentum measurements and pattern recognition. A Technical Analyst applies such tools for forecasting and timing the trading and investing in financial instruments. Technical Analysis is a universal discipline


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Organized by International Federation of Technical Analysts which is the largest and only body organizing the technical and financial markets sector in the world and based in the US. Technical analysis is the financial market structured in all its sectors, these concerns stock exchange, Forex, Options, Trading and others. It is reading and analyzing from past market data to predict future trends of the market to create sales and buying of shares, options amongst others.
It has three levels to finish to the top
Certified Financial Technician CFTe I & II: at this level everyone interested starts with CFTe I to progress to the next level. It takes about 1year and above to finish and is the most common level traders earn to start working.
Prerequisite: no formal qualification is needed but it’s important to at least have a good IQ
Master of Technical Analysis MTA: This is the highest level in technical analysis and it’s a research level, you must be a CFTE before apply for it and it takes about two years to write the research topic.
Employment options: any stock exchange market in the world, NYSE, banks, consultants or freelancers etc