Emerging as a key growth sector of the 21st century, actuarial science applies elements of economics, finance, statistics and advanced mathematics to interpret, manage and evaluate risk. Never before have organizations had such extraordinary access to personal information, health statistics, buying habits, population movement, employment trends and much, much more. In these numbers lie the answers to the big questions that really matter.



The Actuarial Science program prepares students for careers as actuaries. It helps them learn material that is included in professional examinations administered by the Society of Actuaries, which actuarial students must pass in order to achieve professional status. In addition to actuarial science courses, students take courses in preparation for business aspects of the actuarial profession such as accounting, law, finance, insurance, and economics. The Society of Actuaries (SOA) has recognized Mboa International University’s actuarial science program as a Universities & Colleges with Actuarial Programs (UCAP). There are eight criteria for the designation, including curriculum, faculty composition, graduate quality, connection to industry, and research/ scholarship.

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Association of Certified Chartered Economists (ACCE) is the global Association of Economics and Finance professionals.


ACCE flagship transformative program is certified by Global Academy of Finance and Management (formerly AAFM) and Thomas Jefferson School of Law (ABA Accredited).


Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM / ACCE) Board is TUV Accredited and ISO Certified for Training and Quality.


ACCE forms academic alliance / mutual recognition with some prestigious universities, polytechnics & business chapters in Europe, Mexico, Arabia, India, Russia, USA and Africa.


In every economic system, entrepreneurs and managers bring together resources, labour and technology to produce and distribute goods and services. In a free market economy most of the businesses are organized and driven by individuals. These are entrepreneurs who have skills and interest in many diverse industries are the once who take the ultimate decisions about what is produce, how it’s made and what it will cost.


Our programs combine expertise, academic and global business professionals. The best professional education technology, manual and interactive learning strategy.


We are educating the World’s Future Leaders in government, academia, commence and non-profit organization to understand and uphold highest standards of ethical conduct.


Specializations and Courses


Chartered Petroleum Economics                        Chartered Financial Economics


Chartered Industrial Economics                         Chartered Health Economics


Chartered Managerial Economics                      Chartered Economic Policy Analyst


Fundamental Level





TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : stock exchange

Organized by International Federation of Technical Analysts which is the largest and only body organizing the technical and financial markets sector in the world and based in the US. Technical analysis is the financial market structured in all its sectors, these concerns stock exchange, Forex, Options, Trading and others. It is reading and analyzing from past market data to predict future trends of the market to create sales and buying of shares, options amongst others.
It has three levels to finish to the top
Certified Financial Technician CFTe I & II: at this level everyone interested starts with CFTe I to progress to the next level. It takes about 1year and above to finish and is the most common level traders earn to start working.
Prerequisite: no formal qualification is needed but it’s important to at least have a good IQ
Master of Technical Analysis MTA: This is the highest level in technical analysis and it’s a research level, you must be a CFTE before apply for it and it takes about two years to write the research topic.
Employment options: any stock

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International Qualifications Network (IQN)

International Qualifications Network (IQN) is a global organization for diploma and professional qualifications. IQN is a trend-setter in offering affordable and recognized qualifications. IQN specializes in developing and delivering assessments and qualifications of various lengths and levels. We integrate the latest developments in business world to drive innovation among students and professionals. Our registered training centers deliver classes to our students. We aspire to be a leader in offering world class, flexible and work-ready qualifications. With our practical, affordable and comprehensive range of qualifications, we aim at providing our students access to latest knowledge and applications.

We aspire to be a leader in offering world class, flexible and work-ready qualifications. With our practical, affordable and comprehensive range of qualifications, we aim at providing our students access to latest knowledge and applications.

Following qualifications have been credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University at SCQF.

IQN has partnered with Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to jointly certify different qualifications including CPA (Certified Public Accountant). SQA is the national accreditation and awarding body in Scotland, UK.




Cours d’Anglais général pour Adulte/Jeunes
Durée : 1. 3mois (2h x 3fois/semaine)
2. 2mois (3h x 3fois/semaine)
Cours préparatoires et d’Aptitude aux IELTS/TOEFL
Durée : 150minutes/jour, 5 fois/semaine durant 1mois


Cours d`Allemand : votre Zertifikat Deutsch en 6 mois
Niveaux : A1, A2 et B1
Programme : 150minutes/jour, 3fois/semaines, 2mois/niveau
A1: Sufe (Start Deutsch) en 2mois, B1: Zertifikat Deutsch en 6mois
Debut des cours: chaque deux mois
Les inscriptions sont encours tous les jours



Qu’est ce que le ACCA ? Association of Certified Chartered Accountants est l’ordre des experts comptables du Royaume-Uni le plus grand au monde                                                 


Qui sont des experts comptables ? Ce sont des spécialistes dans les domaines de la comptabilité, l’audit, les finances et de la gestion. Ils sont aptes dans ces domaines et permettent une meilleure connaissance de l’état présente d’une structure


Comment devenir un ACCA ?Le MIU se conforme au système du Royaume-Uni ACCA avec 100ans d’expérience et +300 000 membre dans 170 pays  qui est l’ordre des experts comptables le plus prestigieux et reconnus au monde.


Diplômes délivrés par l’ordre


– ACCA fundamentals,                            


– Licence en comptabilité appliqué (Oxford Brookes University UK)


QUALIFICATION: This qualification offers you a wide range of international career and employment opportunities and job security, ACCA is the largest and fastest growing accountancy body in the world     – Exam June and December


Holders of at least 2 A/L and 4 O/L with maths  &  English language & no formal qualification for FIA